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— Stricty pants nerd that sounds like total dork (according to one of the readers) — Also YOLO JavaScript Engineer


When I was using Vue in my projects, I always hate moving my state to Vuex. You always think too much on whether you need this state to be global or not. …

Share my 1.5 years experience with you

Fixing mistakes of my previous post

Your API layer when you move all app logic to it

Rethinking Apicase and why I still never used axios

Typical OAuth

– Fetch is quite enough

Fatal mistake…

Guide from interviewee to interviewers

A small mixin to make “rememberable” data


So, imagine that…

A list of bad things I’ve found on my new job

Here’s what some people do

Static properties in data/computed

There are no reason to…

Anton Kosykh

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