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— Stricty pants nerd that sounds like total dork (according to one of the readers) — Also YOLO JavaScript Engineer


Core Concepts

  • Decentralized stores > monolith store
    It’s much simpler to deal with simple stores and then combine them into shapes…

So, what’s the problem?

Share my 1.5 years experience with you

Benefits of remote work

🏢 No need to go to the office

Fixing mistakes of my previous post

Your API layer when you move all app logic to it

What we have

Rethinking Apicase and why I still never used axios

Typical OAuth

– Fetch is quite enough

– Axios is good and recommended by community

Guide from interviewee to interviewers

Wtf are you talkin’ about?

A small mixin to make “rememberable” data


A list of bad things I’ve found on my new job

Here’s what some people do

Static properties in data/computed

Anton Kosykh

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